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Upon purchase
Upon completion of your Paypal payment, you should receive a 'thank you' page with a link that leads to your download,
AND you should also receive an email with a link to your download. (The email will be sent to
the email address associated with your Paypal account.)


Your link to download a PURCHASED PDF will expire in 1 week or 5 attempts, whichever comes first.

What you get
In most cases, to make the page turns come out properly, the PDFs don't include the decorative cover.
But they will include the program notes and performance notes.

Page turns and assembly
We're very conscientious about making sure the page turns are possible,
(with rare exceptions which are noted on the sheet music itself).
For the page turns to work as planned, in all cases, Page ONE should be on your RIGHT.  Like the front cover of a book.
Once you open the book, even-numbered pages will always be on your left, and odd-numbered pages will always be on your right.
The very last page (like the BACK cover of a book) will be even-numbered.

If you have a duplex printer (that prints on both sides of the paper), it should turn out fine.  (Page 2 should print out on the reverse of page 1, page 4 on the reverse of page 3, and so on.)  Then punch holes on the left edge, and put it in a binder (or staple together on the left edge).
If you print on only one side of the paper and tape the pages together and accordion-fold them,
make sure page ONE shows on TOP when the pages are all folded together, like so:
odd numbered pages on the right
outside                inside               outside   ...etc.

Finished views when  you fold it together & open it like a book:
even numbered pages are on the left
front=page 1.    even = Left, odd = Right.               Back cover will be even-numbered.   

Q. How many copies are you allowed to print?
A. Sheet music PDF purchases are authorized for the personal use of the purchaser only.
If you (professional musicians) would like to print one copy to put in your own 'weddings' gig book and another to put in your own 'funerals' gig book, that's okay with us.
If you (music students) would like to print one to leave on your music stand at home and another to put in the binder that you take to your lessons, that's okay with us.

If you purchase a PDF that already comes with multiple PARTS (such as an ensemble with four harp parts, or a harp-flute-cello trio), you may give one copy of just their part to each member of the ensemble (i.e. you may give the 'harp 1' part to one person, the 'harp 2' part to one person, etc; you may give the flute part to one flute player, etc.)

But any additional 'sharing' (such as teachers purchasing a PDF and then giving printouts to their students; or distributing extra copies to a larger ensemble, (such as giving the 'harp 1' part to two or more people, the 'harp 2' part to two or more people) is unauthorized, illegal, and really unkind because it deprives the arranger, the publisher, and (in the case of modern songs) the songwriter of the fruits of their labor and creativity.  Obviously, if you SOLD extra copies, that would be extremely illegal; but unfortunately many people are not aware that GIVING AWAY extra copies for free is also illegal.  If someone would like a copy of your PDF, please encourage them to buy it from Harpworld or from their favorite harp-music store, or contact Harpworld to discuss permission.

Q. But if I give away extra copies for free, it doesn't cost Harpworld anything, and no one's making any money off it; how can that be wrong?
A. What do you think we're charging you for - the paper??  No; we're charging you for the many years of our musical education; the many more years of our musical experience; the many hours spent creating each composition and/or arrangement; the many more hours formatting it beautifully into sheet music; the harp or harps we play it on while creating the arrangement; the computer and the software used for creating the sheet music, and the many years spent learning how to use them; and so forth.  Plus in the case of modern songs by other songwriters, we have to pay a pretty penny for the permission to arrange and distribute the song (which pays the songwriter and their administrators for THEIR experience and creativity, and all the years of hard work and expense it took them to become well-known enough that you want to learn their song, and the staff and offices they employ to administer their copyrights!)  
(By the way, of course all this applies to photocopying actual paper sheet music and books, just as it applies to printing out PDFs.)

We warmly thank you in advance, from the bottom of our hearts, for respecting all the above by respecting copyright, and not sharing extra copies!

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