with award-winning harpist Stephanie Bennett
are now available in two flavors:
1. by Skype or FaceTime, anywhere in the world!
2. In-person in Northridge, California

VIDEO: meet harp teacher Stephanie Bennett

VIDEO: demo of several styles of music on harp

Stephanie Bennett has been a professional harpist
and harp teacher for over 40 years

(View Stephanie Bennett's bio.)
All lessons are with Stephanie personally, not with substitute or assistant teachers.
Learn to play popular music, Celtic, classical, folk, and/or jazz
on Lever Harp (aka Celtic Harp), Lap Harp, or Pedal Harp.

Finding your own creativity is emphasized.

LEVER HARP lessons

Lap Harp

harp lessons, pedal harp

Lever (Celtic) Harp

Lap Harp

Pedal Harp

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Kids, teens and adults, men and women, boys and girls,
enjoy learning to play harp. Stephanie has taught ages from 4 to 70+.

student ensemble

Stephanie is also available to coach actors (adults and children) to play the harp convincingly.

Optional: for students of all ages in California who would like to participate in annual evaluations to recognize their progress, Stephanie is a member of MTAC (Music Teachers' Assoc. of California) and can enter her interested private students into the highly regarded Certificate of Merit ("CM") program.
Here is an MTAC video  on 'how to choose a music teacher' geared toward parents of students, but applicable to adult students too.)

Stephanie says:

I enjoy helping students learn the music they want to learn. 
Of course, no matter what style of music you want to play, it is vital to spend time and effort training in good technique (hand and arm motions, posture, etc.) to be able to play as beautifully and effortlessly as possible.

I enjoy helping students learn the music they want to learn. My various students have learned songs by Bach, Beethoven, Stevie Wonder, Joanna Newsom, the Beatles, hymns, contemporary praise songs, Disney songs, popular ‘standards’, folk music, Celtic music, international folk songs; and have created their own compositions, which I help them notate for posterity.


harp student with cat

In-person lessons in the Northridge studio may not be ideal for you if you are deathly allergic to CATS.  If you study by Skype or FaceTime, though, it won't be an issue!

An adult student comments:
"I've been taking lessons from Stephanie for over 5 years and she is an AMAZING teacher!
If you have ever wanted to play the harp you can't find a better teacher than Stephanie.
She's very patient, encouraging, and inspiring.
Every time I leave a lesson I feel like I can play anything!
She is extremely knowledgeable and not only does she teach harp technique but music theory as well.
She has a vast repertoire of music and can teach any style of music you desire,
and she has great kitty cats!" 
- Denise Simmons

An adult student comments:
"Stephanie is an awesome teacher.
She is very patient. She has no problem reiterating herself repeatedly when I don't remember what she has taught me.
She is creative in her teaching based on the student's needs.
She is always upbeat and cheerful.  She picks me up and encourages me when I am impatient with myself. She is my biggest cheerleader   :-)
She is flexible. She allows me to learn with or without sheet music. She makes herself available to help me whenever I have to learn something for an upcoming performance.
She makes amazingly beautiful arrangements on the spot with whatever songs I bring to her. She always meets my needs and exceeds my expectations! She makes playing the harp enjoyable and rewarding  :-)
I highly recommend her for whoever is interested in learning to play the harp!"
- Liwen

A student's mom says:

"My 11 year old decided she wanted to learn the harp about 1.5 years ago. Who knew there was an ah-maz-ing harp instructor in our own backyard? My kid has a great time at her weekly lessons, and had progressed really well. Stephanie even has Skype lessons available for days when it's harder to travel. My child loves going, and Stephanie offers many recitals each year for opportunities to perform! 

She is a kind, patient, and experienced teacher on a remarkable instrument."

- Brandi M. (Yelp review)

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What are YOUR musical goals?

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View Stephanie Bennett's bio.

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