paragon 3109
above: 2003 Venus Paragon concert grand harp
47 strings, 74.75" tall (6 feet, 2.75 inches), 23" across soundboard.

 Two Paragons

We have two of the same model concert grand harp(Paragons) that are similar but not EXACTLY alike.
(The carving on the column and base is exactly the same.)

Above & Below: Left, 2003 Paragon; Right, 1990 Paragon.

The 1990 Paragon may not be used outdoors.

The 2003 Paragon may be used outdoors only if not in direct sun (& not exposed to any inclement weather!).

Both Paragons, side view

Below: both Paragons in feature film HAIL, CAESAR (2016)

Both Paragons in Hail Caesar

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