royal wedding tribute concert
 May 1, 2011; taking bows in the Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall at the Royal College of Music, London,
after the concert "An American Tribute to the Royal Wedding": Musique Sur La Mer Chamber Orchestra, Marcy A. Sudock, conductor.
Photo by Cindy Miranda.

stephanie and lucy
The lovely and gifted British harpist Lucy Haslar also played a wonderful solo in the program and let me play on her gorgeous LH23 for the rest of the concert. Here we are relaxing after the concert.

Royal College
In the front entryway of the Royal College of Music: an 1891 statue of the (then) Prince of Wales, honoring his contributions to the cause of music.

In the vestibule of the Royal College of Music.

royal wedding
Yes, I was there on the big day!
More of my touristy snapshots from the trip are on my personal website.

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