Ar Lan Y Môr (Beside the Sea)
Welsh Folk Song

Arranged for 3 to 6 harps (lever or pedal harps)
by Stephanie Bennett

(Harp Ensemble)


Harp Type:  Lever Harp or Pedal Harp 

Suitable for any occasion, accessible to students, fun to play–and all fingerings and lever/pedal changes are clearly marked!

Harp parts 1 and 2 are advanced-beginner or intermediate (requires reading a dotted eighth, sixteenth rhythm).

Harp parts 3-4 may be combined and played by one person, or split into two even easier parts; their rhythms are simpler (quarter notes).

Harps 1, 2, 3 and 4 each have one or two lever (or pedal) changes (only F's and C's).  That is, they wouldn't be suitable for harps with NO levers.

Harps 5-6 are optional; they can also be combined and played by one person, or split into two very-beginner parts. Their rhythms are only whole notes that can all be played with only the second finger. And they have NO lever changes.

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