Stephanie Bennett, Harpist: YouTube Channel is "HarpworldMusicCo".
Visit to see many videos of Stephanie Bennett playing harp, on her own and with various groups.

Above: Links to a YouTube video showcasing Stephanie Bennett playing a variety of musical styles.
(Filmed July 2010)

Above: Stephanie Bennett plays electric harp with Florence and the Machine on Ellen Degeneres TV show, October 2010
(click on the picture)
(If the link doesn't work, please go to and do a search for "Florence and the Machine, Dog Days, Ellen". Videos get taken down sometimes but new ones get put up.)  

Above: Session Pros interview with Stephanie Bennett
(Click on the triangle)

Above: Stephanie Bennett in an Aerosmith video.

Above: Stephanie on AMERICAN IDOL with Amber Holcomb.

Above: Stephanie on THE VOICE with Sarah Simmons.

Above: Stephanie on THE VOICE with Sasha Allen.

Above: Stephanie on HART OF DIXIE season finale.

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