February 15, 2015: Stephanie Bennett on electric harp,
accompanies rock band Sparks

at the Theater at the Ace Hotel, downtown Los Angeles

The Theater at the Ace Hotel is a fabulous 1920's Los Angeles landmark!
Here is a shot of the lobby (seen from the mezzanine).
Ace Hotel Lobby

Here's my harp onstage (the harp is not really blue! It's the stage lighting!)

Harp onstage

Goofing around with Ron Mael during rehearsals, (you can see the actual color of my electric harp!)

Stephanie Bennett and Ron Mael

and also goofing around with Ron's brother Russell, the other half of Sparks!

Stephanie Bennett and Russell Mael

Because of the building's 1920s pedigree, I decided to dress 1920s.  Here I am powdering my nose in the ladies' room.

Stephanie Bennett at the Theater at Ace Hotel

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