March '07: It's always fun to get a close look at Hollywood from behind the scenes...
In my latest adventures in front of the camera...
TV screen with Stephanie's scene on BONES
Here's a snapshot of my TV with how I looked in the finished shot of the wedding scene!
In case you were wondering, the classical harp music heard during the wedding scene was my recording of 'Pathetique' by Beethoven, a cut from my CD "Bardina's Forest".  This is available for download from iTunes and other sites.
Below are snapshots of "The Making Of the Bones Wedding Scene".

in makeup
Stephanie Bennett in the makeup trailer at 20th Century Fox, getting gorgeousized for her close-up on TV show BONES.

unpacking harp
getting the harp ready for our close-up.  Due to the miracle of 'green-screen' technology, Stephanie and her harp will appear to be on location in the church (where we had been shooting the previous day).

green screen
That's the green screen at left.  They can substitute a still photo as a background to replace the green screen.

Self-portrait of the artist as a movie star: in my dressing room/trailer on the 20th Century Fox lot.

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