Re: Campanile Piece on Public Radio

Bill W. says:

>I have been hearing a handbell number on our local PBS FM station,

>KENW-FM, Portales, NM for the last month or so. Finally today I

>called the station & was delighted that they were able to pull the

>title off their computer: "Au Jardin du Roi des Lapins"

> performed by Campanile. It's been amazing to me but a real

>pleasure to hear a handbell piece among the mostly easy listening

>music menu we get between the great NPR programs.

> So, Rima, congratulations from NM! Would you please translate the

>title and tell me how to obtain the album?


>Bill W.


Rima of CAMPANILE replies...

Hey Cool!!!! Thanks Bill!

This is "In the Garden of the King of the Rabbits" by our friend

Stephanie Bennett. It's the first track on our Nocturnal Journeys

album. When the CD was first released it got heavy play for about

two months, and charted in the top 10 of the New Age International

Airplay charts. This was the track most folks chose, and for good

reason. It's a GORGEOUS piece, and really fun to play.

For those of you who have our NJ DVD, this is the second piece in the

second half of the show. It's great fun to watch Kat changing her

4IHs in and out a bunch of times without even looking. ;-D

Check out for the CD and the DVD. You can also buy the

sheet music from

And no, I did not pay Bill to ask that question. ;-D




Los Angeles

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