Stephanie Bennett's recording (on the At Peace Media label),
Lumière: Baroque Music for Relaxation
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Selections on LUMIERE:

Lascia Ch'io Pianga (Let Me Weep) by Handel (Pedal harp, flute, cello)
Peace (La Paix) by Handel (Wire-strung folk harp, keyboards, tenor recorder, soprano recorder)
Largo from Xerxes by Handel (Pedal harp, cello)
Siciliano by Bach (Pedal harp, flute)
Largo from Lute Concerto in D by Vivaldi (Pedal harp, wire strung folk harp)
Minuet and Dance of the Blessed Spirits by Gluck (Pedal harp, flute, alto flute)
Prelude from Suite XIV by Handel (Pedal harp, nylon strung folk harp)
Gavotte by Gluck (Wire strung folk harp, keyboards, alto flute)
Air from the Water Music by Handel (Pedal harp, tenor recorder, cello)
Slumber, Beloved by Bach (Pedal harp, keyboards)

This CD is out of print! There is ONE existing copy! You can't even buy the download!!??

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