While the majority of Stephanie Bennett's composing is for instrumental music,
(Stories Seldom Told,  Imaginocean, Avalon, Voyage of the Dreamer),
and she has recorded songs for which she wrote both words and music,
(Bardina's Forest),
she also co-writes songs on occasion, usually adding music to others' lyrics.

Stephanie Bennett
Peter S. Beagle noteworker
Stephanie Bennett  Peter S. Beagle

Frank Gambale

Stephanie has contributed lyrics to many songs by Frank Gambale (including One Not Two, Faster Than An Arrow, Stay With Me, Mr. Hollywood Line, Calafia, & My Silent Heart).
Stephanie has composed music for two of the songs in the current project by renowned fantasy auther Peter S. Beagle,
and has previously composed music to his song The Harper, recorded on Bardina's Forest.

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