Stories Seldom Told
Stories Seldom Told CD cover
original instrumental music (not storytelling) by harpist/composer Stephanie Bennett
Featuring Stephanie Bennett on concert grand harp, with: winds, brass and strings; tablas, tympani and bells.
Like fairy tales full of adventure and romance, music that inspires the imagination to dream.
With a host of Los Angeles' finest musicians including Steve Kujala on flute and recorder, Doug Cameron on violin,and Frank Gambale on guitar.

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"Very classy, classically oriented harp music with a juicy selection of supportive instruments, and an unexpected touch of Celtic to some cuts. "A Big Cat Hug" delivers the superlative artistry of Bennett on the harp, with gorgeous sound transcending anything I have ever heard in terms of harp virtuoso. How many hands does she have?? ...What a delight Bennett has created. I think I listen to this more than any recent album I've acquired. Richly imaginative, sensitively beguiling, it doesn't wear thin because of its lyrical, flowing qualities, an ample mix of moods, paces, wonderful instrumental combinations and divine compositions. Like those intricate pictures where images are hidden, each listening yields fresh delights. Very highly recommended for a multitude of activities and moods, it is vivacious while relaxing, fantastic while suggestive of natural beauty. Enjoy!" THREE STARS (highest rating) - Heartsong Review Magazine

"Bennett's harp, accompanied by flutes, recorders, oboes, brass and strings, weaves hauntingly beautiful renditions that are smooth and very easy listening. Her masterful harp creates sensitive, lovely selections that are excellent for meditation and creative visualization.-Arizona Networking News

"This is a concert harp played with a difference! All the pieces are original compositions by the harpist. The concert harp and, in a few cases, the electro-harp are the main characters, and their supporting cast is composed of instruments such as the flute, cello, recorder, tablas, cor anglais [English horn], keyboard and guitar. Music in which it is possible to discover new nuances even after repeated hearing." - HARPA International Harp Journal.

"Stephanie Bennett's Stories Seldom Told is a delightful blend of neo-classical, Celtic, and gentle new-age styles. A talented harpist with a tasteful backup chamber ensemble, she really shines as a truly gifted composer."-Kevin Maxwell, mgr. Music Dept. Bodhi Tree Bookstore, Los Angeles

"Die Harfenistin Stephanie Bennett erzählt auf dieser CD Geschichten, die sich jeder Zuhörer selbst ausmalen kann. Konzert-harfe einmal anders! Alle Stücke sind Eigenkompositionen der Harfenistin. Die Konzertharfe und bei einigen Stücken die Elektroharfe sind die Hauptakteure und werden von Instrumenten wie Flöte, Cello, Blockflöte, Tablas, Englisch Horn, Keyboards und Gitarre in ihren Klangmalereien unterstützt. Musik, die auch nach mehrmaligem Anhören immer wieder neue Nuancen entdecken lässt." -HARPA Internationales Harfen-Journal

"La harpiste Stephanie Bennett raconte sur ce CD des histoires que chacun auditeur pourra se peindre lui-même. Pour une fois de la harpe de concert différente! Tous les morceaux sont des compositions de la harpiste. Une harpe de concert et pour certains morceaux une harpe électronique en sont les acteurs principaux, soutenus dans ces peintures sonores par des instruments tels que flûte, violoncelle, flûte à bec, tablas, cor anglais, claviers, et guitare. Une musique, qui même après plusieurs auditions, permet toujours découvrir de nouvelles nuances." - HARPA Journal International de la Harpe

Selections on Stories Seldom Told: (Total time, 43 minutes)

1. MICHIGAN WINTER (6:12) Harp, flute and cello describe the peace of a snowy scene at dawn.

2. THE MAGIC FAWN (5:00) Reminiscent of a joyous Celtic dance, with a lively 9/8 rhythm.

3. ANOTHER STORY (3:59) With haunting English horn and alto flute.

4. THE RABBIT WHO BELONGED TO THE DESERT (4:17) In an energetic 5/4 rhythm, mystical and powerful, evokes images of the Renaissance with recorders, guitar and percussion.

5. A BIG CAT HUG (3:47) Harp solo, an affectionate lullabye, ends with the sound of a cat's purr.

6. DREAM DANCE (6:28) Hypnotic and dreamlike, with haunting bass flute, English horn, and strings.

7. DRAGONMAKER (8:44) A mini-concerto for harp, accompanied by a 14-piece orchestra of strings, winds, brass and percussion.

8. THE LULLABYE CHAIR (3:49) Inspired by the sound of a series of music boxes, each playing its short melody repeatedly. Ends the recording on a note of tranquility.

Stephanie Bennett


These photos were shot in my back yard. I hired a live mountain lion (an experienced TV actress and model named "Cheyenne", from "Animal Actors of Hollywood" company) with her entourage of two professional animal trainers. The lion was on a leash attached to a stake in the ground to make sure she wouldn't go on an impromptu tour of the neighborhood. She was very gentle and beautiful! I designed and made my skirts and flower garland. I decorated an old book with synthetic gold and jewels to look like a book of magical fairy tales that I was reading to the lion. The photographer was Stéphan Shacher. The harp is my Paragon model concert grand pedal harp by Venus Harps.

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