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Your local harp society can book Stephanie Bennett to come to your town and present these workshops.  

Mostly for beginners to intermediate:

-How to Practice (and How NOT to Practice)
-Improve Your Reading Skills: Tips & Shortcuts
-Remedial Rhythm: For Beginners Or The Hopelessly Confused
-The Metronome is Your Friend. No, Really.
-Music Theory: Why Should I Care?
-The 3 Sides of Your Friend, the Circle of Fifths

for all levels:

-Introduction to Improvisation
-How to Learn a Song By Ear

for those who already have a certain amount of basic music theory knowledge:

-The Elephant Method of Knowing Your Modes
-How to Arrange a Popular Song
-How to Arrange a Folk Song
-How to Play from a Lead Sheet
-What Chord Names Mean

For more advanced harpers/harpists starting to think about playing for pay, part-time or professionally
-Here Comes the Wedding Harpist
-Skills Needed for Recording Sessions

recent workshops:
March '10 Los Angeles
June '08 Michigan
Nov. '07 Ohio

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